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Capers are unripe dark green flower buds of the caper bush and are preserved in a brine to bring out their tangy lemony flavor

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In American culinary arts, capers are primarily a condiment, and in the Mediterranean, they are simply an ingredient, prized for their special, earthy flavor.

Capers are actually the immature, dark green flower buds of the caper bush (Capparis spinosa or Capparis inermis), an ancient perennial native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. Capers are most often preserved by pickling them in a brine of vinegar, salt, or wine, or by curing in salt.

Cooking with capers is a matter of balancing their tangy, briny, pickle flavor against smooth, buttery, or velvety flavors and textures. Many recipes call for rinsing them before use to mitigate the vinegary top notes.

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  • Capers are the unripe flower buds of Capparis spinosa.

Salty and tangy, capers can add a pop to your dish. Check out our best recipes!

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Capers are used to bring flavor in a variety of sauces including remoulade or tartare. They are great when cooked with cheese. Knowing their amazing health benefits, you can add them as a replacement for salt while cooking salmon, chicken, turkey, red meat, vegetable and salad. Its tender shoots are also used in different dishes.

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