Tangy Hot Cheese and Caper SpreadArrive bearing this creamy cheese spread, full of deliciously salty capers, and you’ll receive an extra-warm welcome. It’s perfect on toasted baguette.
Tomato Caper Goat Cheese AppetizerTomato Caper Goat Cheese Appetizer ~ burst tomatoes, garlic and capers nestled around tangy goat cheese, broiled until golden and served with warm toasted bread.
Fresh Salmon SaladYou want to cook the salmon just enough to be barely cooked through. That way it will be tender. Over-cooked salmon is dry and tough. Cool off with this easy Salmon Salad! Poached salmon is gently tossed with celery, red onions, capers, and dill and is perfect for a brunch or light lunch. Are you a salmon lover? Here is a salmon salad using freshly poached salmon that is restaurant-worthy. It’s light, cool, and wonderfully flavored with dill, capers, and lemon. Perfect for a brunch or light lunch!