Since our start in 2007, we have been proud to be a leading producer of high quality capers, producing over 700 tons of the world’s finest capers every season. Our capers are cleansed diligently, carefully calibrated, fermented, and packed as per our clients‘ requests. We are also proud to be the leading exporter of capers to many countries, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the United States, and Brazil.

Today we are the first in the Middle East to produce Caper Stuffed Olives under the brand name Chef Tommy.


Our commitment to the quality of our capers and to the quality of service we provide our clients has made them our loyal partners, relying on us as their capers provider year in and year out. Meeting our clients‘ standards and shipping schedules has always been our top priority. This is why our production strategy starts in full consideration of our clients’ annual needs and timely demands.

Syrian capers are quickly gaining traction, partly because our capers are never exposed to pesticides or hazardous chemical materials. Syria  produces up to 4,500 tons annually.